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So - you’re traveling to Santorini...


...And you want awesome photos to show of your adventure. So good in fact, that all your friends will wish they were there with you, or maybe even secretly wish they were you ;-)


And you're going to shoot all your photos with your iPhone (or some kind of smartphone).


You want to upload your photos straight away via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat - whatever. But of course you want them to be amazing!


I’m here to show you all the envy-inducing places where you can get the best photos, and I’ll even take photos of you (with your phone) so it’s not just selfies you’re sending out.


If you’re interested I can even show you how to get the best out of your phone for even better photos, and explain my philosophy on what makes a great photo (hint - it’s not the ‘camera’!).  Something that will help you in all your future travel photography.


And I can tell you my favorite apps for taking photos and editing them before posting.


We can hit the most famous iconic spots, or find some of those ‘secret Santorini’ places that I have found in my 10 years living here…


Sound like your kind of fun? Let’s go!


PS: No internet connection? No problem! I can even provide you with a mobile traveling 4G wifi hotspot!

No need to wait to get those fabulous images posted!!