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About Me

Judy a bubbly effervescent kiwi has a zest for life combining her love of people, animals and photography, Judy's photography has seen success on a global scale.

"I'm a time capsule capturer" says Judy. "Capturing a moment in time a look, an expression and it's now captured forever to relive and enjoy, that's excitement for me."

A life of photography has ensued for the daughter of G.B.Scott an avid N.Z landscape photographer. So Judy grew up chasing sunsets and sunrises and was photographing her school friends from the age of six. At ten she was a second photographer at a wedding for her dad and the wedding couple were so delighted they paid Judy for her photographs!

"I was born to photograph, it's in my DNA. I see the potential shot and I know when I've got it."

Equestrian photography called and she says this was the best training ground. In those days you had one chance to take the picture when a horse and rider were in the right place over a jump. So she trained herself to be very accurate. She was 15 when she started professionally photographing starting an equestrian photography business. Then on to Great Danes, her love of her own animals and figuring out how to capture them was a journey she cherishes.

Judy has brought delight to people globally with the wonderful way she relates to her subjects. Whether it is people or animals there's this inner essence, her secret ingredient "It's love" she says. Give Judy a camera and what she sees and what she captures this moment it's a one off. Those fortunate to own their own Judy Reinen originals have seen Judy transition from photographing couples and weddings, then their children and even on to the next generation. "It's a wonderful privilege to be a families photographer." Assignments have taken her from N.Z and Australia to Dubai, Malta and Europe.

Judy's own project was animals which eventuated into two global licensing brands.

The Head First brand saw Judy face to face eyeballing all the wild animals you have ever not wanted to meet from only eight inches away. She needed this proximity to capture each with a giant head and tiny legs. Lenticular tags showed what they each looked like before turning the animal into the creative version with the large head peering at the viewer. An entire window at F.A.O. Schwarz in New York displayed Judy's plush toys and they have been a collectable series of animals from wild, farm and domestic animals, with many breeds of dogs and cats, a very large collection.

This was the ultimate photography challenge to gain trust from Wild animals, you name it, Lions, Tigers, Bears, Elephants, Giraffes, Snow leopards even a Puma. Well the Puma would have killed me. The keeper said photograph through bars only for this Puma. The keeper knew what he was doing and as the Puma was allowed into the smaller enclosure it spotted Judy and launched himself at her jumping vertically clinging onto the mesh face to face with her. She took pictures, much to the keepers surprise she was not going to let the opportunity pass! To not be bitten or damaged from these animals again from such close proximity of eight inches shows Judy builds trust and her relaxed approach and her Kiwi can do anything attitude sees results that we can marvel at.

Judy's publishing adventures started with animal record books as being an animal lover she wished to have her own animals history and best photographs in one place. So she saw a need and created the product. Then The American publishing house Little Brown published two children's books, a European Cat book followed and then two coffee table books with another American publishing house Andrews and McMeel.

Judy with her quirky humorous slant on animal photography saw characters in each cat or dog and brought their dream's alive as a classic car was provided for dogs to drive in K9 Fun or a delectable soak in a bath tub for one fortunate Old English Sheepdog in K9 Bathtime.

The author of seven books, two global licensing brands a life time capturing art pieces for families, children and animals and for a select few a photography tutor. Judy and her love of photography is contagious. People who she has tutored rave about how she teaches as she transforms their understanding of this fabulous art.

A sense of creativity and adventure inspires every day she lives to be memorable. "I see the world in Pictures. I notice the details, the way the light falls and creates shadows. It's the best experience to hold a camera select what angle, scene and subject and capture a one off image with my perception that image speaks about how I see the world in what I am photographing"

"Photographs to me are so uplifting. When you capture someone and it's a wow shot this imagery uplifts and builds up self esteem and it's the best way to see our relationships with those we love. We look out from our eyes but we can only see out from ourselves., says Judy. A portrait is a moment in time and it is priceless. I love this ever so much. I give my heart and my energy and years of learning and perfecting this art into every portrait art piece I capture"

 I see each image through the art stage and retouching to the important choice of what to mount it onto, then which surface to protect it with to framing. Viola a treasured heirloom to enjoy everyday for a lifetime.

Globetrotting Judy travelled through 30+ countries and the picture perfect island of Santorini, Greece has kept her for ten years where again photography of portraits, weddings and for a privileged few actually being tutored has seen Judy's life revolve around this deep passion to embrace photography and her love of it with others.

Judy is also an internationally awarded photographer, with the Master of Photography tile and two gold bars which means she has achieved her masters three times from the New Zealand Institute of Photography. Judy was awarded The Best Photographic range of greeting cards for Hallmark U.K considered to be the toughest greeting card market in the world. At the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International awards in The U.S.A Judy has placed first twice and second four times.

Her love of travel she attributes to her father, having joined him on many of his trips to photograph scenery for his photography business. 

Judy has appeared on many tv shows, radio, national newspapers and magazine covers and articles around the world.

Kind words:

"Thanks for an amazing photo tour. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed every moment.  I love all my photos from that day and the rest of my time in Santorini and it was such a pleasure to have your advice - your passion for photography is amazing and you're a great teacher. Patient. Funny. Inspiring.

Thank you for showing me a different side to Santorini."

-Many thanks, Stacey M